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Howard-John Wesley Talks About Sermon Prep (with someone else!)

Slate has recently starting a podcast asking how different people do their work. It’s kind of like Sermonsmith for other careers. Except when they interview a preacher, and then it’s almost exactly kind of like SermonSmith. A few weeks ago, they interviewed Rev Dr. Howard-John Wesley: On this episode of Working, David Plotz talks with the Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley … Read More

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Webinar: Streamline Your Sermon Prep With Logos Workspaces

If you are a Logos user, or interested in how Logos works, their occasional webinars are very helpful. Yesterday’s webinar was all about using custom workspaces within Logos for different phases of study. An archived recording is below. (Or find it here if the embedded video won’t work for you.) I learned several nuances that I’m putting into practice for … Read More

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