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Sermon Prep for the Missional Church #6: Develop

Part six of my soon to be finished series on sermon prep for missional church planters was published last week on the V3 Movement blog. This one focuses on the process of putting a sermon outline together: Perhaps the most varied response out of all of my interviews is to some form of the question: “How do you put your … Read More

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Howard-John Wesley Talks About Sermon Prep (with someone else!)

Slate has recently starting a podcast asking how different people do their work. It’s kind of like Sermonsmith for other careers. Except when they interview a preacher, and then it’s almost exactly kind of like SermonSmith. A few weeks ago, they interviewed Rev Dr. Howard-John Wesley: On this episode of Working, David Plotz talks with the Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley … Read More

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Logos 6 Has Arrived: Get it for 15% Off

Logos 6 was released earlier this week. So far, I’ve only updated to the new software without some of the new functionality, but it’s a nice upgrade. Some of the new features look great. The good news is, SermonSmith still has a partnership with Logos and a coupon code worth 15% off any starter package. A new release is a … Read More

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