Chad Brooks

chadbrooksChad Brooks hosts a few podcasts of his own, so he is no stranger to the process as he joins us from Monroe, LA. Chad tells us why index cards make the best bookmarks, how he gets big on digital and little on paper, and why his preaching pits “What is?” vs. “What could be?”

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Resonate ebook free download (via iBooks)
Sermon Worksheet
Preaching Rocket

About Chad

Chad Brooks is a United Methodist Pastor serving at St. Paul’s UMC in Monroe, La. His philosophy of ministry is based heavily on worship and incarnation. Married to Meredith, they both spend their free time watching Netflix and wrangling their dachshund Emma. Chad has an affinity for Harley Davidson motorcycles and hopes to find bigfoot one day. He blogs at revchadbrooks.com and is the host of The Productive Pastor Podcast and The Threshing Floor.



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