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20140502-083729.jpgDavid Sparks joins us for a unique show format where we learn from the content development practices of those in other fields. David shares how he goes about developing his many writing projects and presentations for his work as a lawyer and his side work passion for making the most of technology.

Resources and links mentioned:
Systematic Podcast #91 with Brother Gabriel Mosher
MacPowerUsers #82: Cooking Ideas
Paperless: MacSparky Field Guide
Markdown: MacSparky Field Guide
Email: MacSparky Field Guide

About David

David Sparks is a trial attorney in Orange County, California, where heʼs been eating other lawyersʼ lunch for years using Apple Technologies. David is also the editor of MacSparky.com and the co-host of the popular “Mac Power Users” podcast.

David speaks and writes often about Apple technology. David is a past speaker at Macworld/iWorld and a regular faculty member for the American Bar Association’s TechShow, the premier technology conference, held annually in Chicago where he speaks on the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and productivity. David is also a contributor to Macworld magazine. David also publishes the MacSparky Field Guides including Paperless, 60 Mac Tips, Markdown, and the Email Field Guide. In December 2012, Apple awarded the Paperless Field Guide its "Best of 2012" award.

2 comments on “David Sparks

  1. Jon Stallings on

    Great interview John, It was great to hear David’s creative process. I thought it was good to hear from a non “preacher” Who else could work in “Trapper Keeper”

    • johnchandler on

      Glad you liked the unique format. I knew if I was going to experiment with this format, an interview with David would pretty much guarantee a worthwhile conversation!


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