Thomas McKenzie

thomasmckenzie-1024x1024The Reverend Thomas McKenzie lives in Nashville with his wife and two daughters. He is the founding pastor of Church of the Redeemer (Anglican). He’s the author of The Anglican Way (a guide to Anglican Christianity) and The Harpooner (a devotional guide to Advent). Thomas is a Benedictine oblate of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, New Mexico. He reviews films for TheRabbitRoom.com, OneMinuteReview.com, and Ed Stetzer’s syndicated TV show “The Exchange.”

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  1. Jon Stallings April 28, 2015 at 3:57 pm #

    Great interview John, it was interesting hearing Rev. McKenzie’s different way of sermon prep. I did like how he takes time to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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