Webinar: Streamline Your Sermon Prep With Logos Workspaces

Snap 2014-09-24 at 10.37.41, 710x398If you are a Logos user, or interested in how Logos works, their occasional webinars are very helpful. Yesterday’s webinar was all about using custom workspaces within Logos for different phases of study.

An archived recording is below. (Or find it here if the embedded video won’t work for you.)

I learned several nuances that I’m putting into practice for my sermon this week! If you’re not using Bible software, this will give you an idea why many find it so helpful.

As a reminder: I’ve partnered with Logos as a way for you to support the podcast and get a 15% discount on any base package. You can find a coupon code and get started at Logos.com/SermonSmith.



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