What’s All This, Then?

SermonSmith is a bi-monthly conversation dedicated to the craft of sermon preparation. It is a celebration of the rhythms, workflows, tools, and prayers used by those who engage in this sacred art on a regular basis.

These podcast interviews are hosted by John Chandler, a bivocational pastor in Austin, TX. As I’ve juggled my work as a web designer and developer alongside the routines required for weekly teaching prep and other writing projects, I’ve become passionate, okay really really nerdy, about what healthy creative workflows look like. This podcast was born out of those passions, to see how the popular topic of creative work applies to those preparing to preach.

Many of our early guests will come from my own circle of friends – peers I respect for the heart that they have shared with me and the work they are doing. As we move forward, we will expand the conversations to those from many different backgrounds, learning from those who we have much in common with, and those with whom we have little.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope you’ll be part of the conversation. The best way to follow along is to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or use this RSS feed to subscribe in your favorite podcast app. (I’m a fan of Instacast for iOS, myself.) You can also get updates about new episodes via Twitter, Facebook, and RSS.

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