55: John Ray

John Ray Bio PicJohn Ray is a Youth With A Mission missionary as well as Lead Teaching Elder at Grace Church of Northwest Arkansas. He has almost thirty years of ministry experience in over thirty countries and context as well as a newly minted Masters of Divinity from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. John and his wife Jane have four daughters, Hope, Hannah, Naomi and Olivia. In October of 2009, their youngest daughter Olivia was tragically killed at a crosswalk a mile from their home in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Since then much of the their ministry efforts have been focused on various projects supported through Olivia’s Basket. (Photo credit: Brian Hirschy)

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Narrative Lectionary

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One comment on “55: John Ray

  1. Michael W Pannell on

    Awesome. That strong a sermon collaboration effort week to week: sounds scary! But, “People don’t need their minds changed as much as they need their imaginations changed:” Wow! That’s powerful. Abraham leaning on his staff at night counting stars, remembering. Thinking. Pondering, Changing. You see it all through the word and that statement puts a good handle on it. Love it. I see it as a function of awe/wonder/fear of God. Worship, really, done right. Thanks, John. And John. (Plus, because of this I picked up a a copy of Gilead from an area used bookstore. A real book! Better be good.)


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