The Sermonsmith podcast is no longer in active production, but these helpful conversations are still available for you.

You may enjoy my follow up podcast — Consortio Dei — where I interview spiritual leaders about their rhythms for self care and formation.

Hal Shrader

hal_shraderHal Shrader shares thoughts on sermon preparation from his office just beyond the Phoenix city limits. Listen in as he describes how he structures his sermons like a late 70s TV show, why finding the hook into the text is the most important part, and how his Anabaptist perspective invites the community into the textual interpretation each week.

Resources and links mentioned:
Connections TV Series
The Dish // Andrew Sullivan

About Hal

Hal is passionate about extending the Anabaptist way of following Jesus to as wide a range of people as possible. As the lead pastor of Trinity Mennonite Church, he gets to work with an amazing staff and serve an outstanding congregation. Convinced that teaching in the church needs to be neither dumbed down nor boring, Hal brings thoughtfulness and humor to his preaching. Hal has lived with his wife and two daughters in California, South America, and now in Phoenix.