The Sermonsmith podcast is no longer in active production, but these helpful conversations are still available for you.

You may enjoy my follow up podcast — Consortio Dei — where I interview spiritual leaders about their rhythms for self care and formation.

Keas Keasler

bioKeas Keasler is a preacher by day and a DJ by night in the heart of Miami. Listen in as he describes how he starts all sermon preparation with Lectio Divina, how part of his process includes “juicing’ that bad boy”, and reminds us that church is like a pirate island.

Resources and Links Mentioned:
Keas’ marching orders (PDF)
A Cup Running Over, by Dallas Willard (PDF)
Keas’ Lectio Divina Guide (PDF)

About Keas

Keas Keasler is a pastor and DJ in Miami, FL. He serves as the teaching pastor of Rhythm Church, works with athletes at the University of Miami, and spins records in various places throughout the city. With degrees from Baylor and Princeton, Keas is currently working on a PhD in theology, but also is helping shape a new model of theological education in Miami to bridge the gaps between the seminary, sanctuary, and street. Ordained as a Baptist minister, Keas’ theology and praxis have been shaped by various streams within the Christian family. He has a deep love for the global church, having traveled and done mission work in over forty countries and preached on six continents.