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TJ Luoma

luomaTJ Luoma joins us from the heart of Gallipolis, OH. He has advanced degrees in theology, but he seems to know just as much about technology. He tells us about how both of those interplay in how he shapes his sermons.

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About TJ

Timothy J. (TJ) Luoma grew up Roman Catholic (12 years Catholic parochial school which left him with a lifetime hatred of ties) , he then graduated from a United Methodist college, and a Presbyterian seminary where he learned Greek from an Episcopalian and Hebrew from a Texan (which some of you know is like learning two languages at once).

In college he met Tracey, another student who attended the same campus ministry. They started dating in their sophomore year, right before finals, because sometimes love makes you do stupid things. Speaking of which, in the six weeks between the end of college and the beginning of "Summer Greek" in seminary, they were married on June 17, 1995, exactly 2½ years after they started dating. He did not do very well in Greek, but the marriage is still going strong, so he considers it a win.

After seminary TJ was called as the Associate Pastor to First Presbyterian Church of Gainesville, Florida where he served from 1998-2003. Tracey and TJ welcomed their son Ethan in May of 2002. About a year later, they moved to Gallipolis, Ohio where TJ serves as pastor of the Gallipolis Presbyterian Church. In 2013, he graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary with a D.Min. in Reformed Christian Spirituality. TJ co-hosts a podcast about religion and politics called Impolite Company which can be found on the Mule Radio Syndicate. He recently started a website Reforming Faith as a place to talk about faith and life. A Mac and Unix nerd since the NeXT days, TJ also writes for The Unofficial Apple Weblog ( Anything else probably ends up on Twitter or on, a domain name he purchased primarily to help people figure out how to pronounce his surname. He sleeps very little and has trouble sitting still.

TJ, Tracey, and Ethan share their home with a variety of rescue dogs, currently two beagles (Sophie and Mort), a Golden Retriever (Noah), and a Siberian Husky (Shasta), who continually remind him that he has a lot of room for improvement in the areas of patience, forgiveness, unconditional love, and not leaving socks around because they will inevitably end up in Noah's mouth.