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You may enjoy my follow up podcast — Consortio Dei — where I interview spiritual leaders about their rhythms for self care and formation.

Winn Collier

winn-mountain-lumber_large(You might also enjoy this newer interview with Winn on my Consortio Dei podcast.)

The ever thoughtful Winn Collier joins me from his home office in Charlottesville, VA. Winn talks about the interplay between preaching and writing, describes how running is his best time for ruminating, and explains how his best sermons leave plenty of room for the listeners to continue the conversation in their mind.

Resources and links mentioned:
All Souls Charlottesville
SermonSmith interview with AJ Swoboda

About Winn

Winn is a columnist and the author of three books, most recently Holy Curiosity. With Miska and their two boys, the Colliers live in the old Ridge St. neighborhood of Charlottesville, Virginia. Winn is the pastor of All Souls Charlottesville.