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(You might also enjoy this newer interview with Steve on my Consortio Dei podcast.)

It was a pleasure to interview Steve Carter. Hear how thoughtful mentors like Rob Bell and Mike Erre invited him into the world of preaching, how simple index cards help him structure his thoughts, and how neighborhood prayer walks help prepare his own heart.

As mentioned in the interview, here’s a link to Steve’s, or maybe we should say Rob’s, “A Thousand Questions to Ask of the Text”.

Weekend teachings from Willow Creek
Mid-week teachings from Willow Creek

About Steve

Steve Carter is the director of evangelism and a teaching pastor for Willow Creek Community Church. Steve works with an incredible team of staff and volunteers committed to living out the reality that reconciliation is possible. He is a founding member of both Rock Harbor Fullerton Church and Solidarity and currently serves on the Solidarity board. Steve lives with his wife Sarah, their son Emerson and daughter Mercy in Barrington, Illinois.

4 comments on “Steve Carter

  1. scumzm on

    Both of the first two podcasts have been helpful (immediately too). This podcast scratches a real itch. I almost never listen to podcasts episodes multiple times, but I’ve already returned to both again. Thanks for doing this, John.
    Along with the guys who sermonize 2 times a month or less and are able to focus on it on a mostly full-time basis, I hope you also interview can interview some people who have to speak weekly and are bi-vocational. In other words, I’m really interested to hear how people with more limited time prepare for frequent sermons. That’s the boat I’m in at least! Some of what JR & Steve shared sounded great, but I am really having a hard time incorporating it all within the time I have to work with.

  2. johnchandler on

    scumzm Thanks for your comments. I’m hoping to reach out to a broad mix of people so I hope we can bring in voices what will be particular for where you are coming from as well.

  3. Shannon Greer on

    I second scumzm. I’m a bivocational pastor, so to speak. I manage the coffee shop where I also pastor. So I get the environment of the coffee shop, I get the chance to talk to people, but what I don’t get is a great deal of time for the prep that I’ve been hearing about. Still, I’m super excited about this resource. I’m trying to incorporate some of the ideas, like index cards, and dump documents in Evernote where I just drop thoughts as I’m preparing. So thanks, thanks, thanks.


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