Aaron Graham

Aaron Graham pastors the District Church deep in the nation’s capitol. Aaron describes how he works alongside others to develop the preaching series at District Church; how he tries to tie each sermon to the story of self, us, and now; and how he got schooled in preaching during a two hour lunch with Mark Labberton. Podcast: Play in new … Read More

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Alice Shirey

Alice Shirey joins us from Iowa while sitting near her actively maintained files of illustrations and outlines. Alice describes her unexpected journey to being a teaching pastor, why she keeps every draft of her sermons, and how she keeps her sermons fresh even as she preaches them multiple weeks in a row Podcast: Play in new window | Download Books … Read More

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Dave Lomas

Dave Lomas is the founding pastor of Reality San Francisco. He tells us how he gets started by reading and more reading, how his best ideas come by verbally processing his thoughts with others, and how he’s learned to preach by listening to others who do it well. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Books The Homiletical Plot | … Read More

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Winn Collier

The ever thoughtful Winn Collier joins me from his home office in Charlottesville, VA. Winn talks about the interplay between preaching and writing, describes how running is his best time for ruminating, and explains how his best sermons leave plenty of room for the listeners to continue the conversation in their mind. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Books … Read More

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